A transparent relationship with customers

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Transparency of commercial communication


As regards communication with customers, all the companies in the Enel Group operate not only in compliance with the laws and regulations in force in each country, but also on the basis of the provisions of the Group Code of Ethics, by which all contracts, communications addressed to customers and advertising must be:

  • clear and simple, using language that is as close as possible to that normally used by the interlocutors;
  • compliant with the laws in force, without using evasive or unfair practices;
  • complete, without neglecting any detail that is significant in terms of customers’ decisions;
  • accessible to customers.

Clear and effective communication is one of the main objectives both in the sales stage and in after-sales. In 2015 in Italy various communication initiatives were undertaken aimed at making information on the energy world clearer, including:

  • review of the usability of the website in order to make it easier for customers;
  • new e-billing service (Bolletta Genius) which can be accessed from the online Customers Area of Enel Energia, which enables customers to consult their own electricity and gas bills, study their consumption, compare themselves with similar customers and receive advice for more efficient consumption;
  • communication plan dedicated to accompanying the customer towards the launch of the new Bolletta 2.0. Enel’s new electricity and gas bill will present, in a new graphic layout, rationalized and organized contents, simpler language and customer-tailored communications.

In addition, new services were launched through the Enel Energia App, such as for example the new “Scelto per me” (Chosen for me) function, which allows the indication of the most suitable offers for the customer.

In Italy there was close attention to the issues of the Bolletta Web and the Bolletta PEC, and specific initiatives were launched for the acceptance and payment of invoices sent electronically also to the public administration.

In Spain there was a significant commitment to the digitalization of the process of contract management and invoicing, through the use of electronic signature and document management tools to support the stages of sending and archiving documents. In 2015 Endesa received the Atos Prize for the digital progress achieved. As for Latin America, without prejudice to the principles of the Code of Ethics and the clarity and completeness of the information, various initiatives were undertaken to guarantee greater customer attention; for example in Chile all the contact points with customers were enhanced, such as the website which was made easier to use, and the physical contact points, where new instruments were introduced to reduce waiting times. In Colombia a new App was launched which contains both general information and specific information to help customers manage their own supply, for the payment of invoices. In all the countries of Latin America for some time there have been initiatives in place for digitalized document management, with clear benefits from the viewpoint of efficiency in terms of better availability, speed, security and environmental Sustainability.

Accessibility of information

For communication with customers to be really transparent, correct and effective, it is necessary to ensure that any cultural or linguistic barriers, illiteracy or disability do not nullify equal access to information. Among the various initiatives are for example:

  • Italy - a simultaneous translation service is still in operation at Enel retail outlets in 13 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabian, Russian, Romanian, Punjabi, Albanian, Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian);
  • Spain - in order to defeat all the possible barriers to access to information, the website www.endesaclientes. com contains all the commercial and operational information necessary, such as for example in order to understand electricity and gas invoices. The website is available in English, Castilian and Catalan;
  • Peru - there is an information consultation system which is available 24 hours a day for customers, whose requests are received in real time. In this way the company can offer its customers a valuable service, making information constantly available on its commercial structures, and the possibility of analyzing issues relating to supply.

Privacy protection


In all the countries where it operates Enel acts in compliance with the laws in force on privacy protection for customers. Enel is also committed to careful monitoring of all the third party companies which may use the personal data of Enel’s customers. Specific clauses are envisaged for this in contracts with partners who use personal data to carry out specific activities, such as for example sales or customer satisfaction surveys.

Commercial offers and products and services for energy saving


In all the countries where Enel operates, a vast range of high performance energy products has been launched to guarantee savings in terms both of consumption and emissions, such as for example in Italy, where Enel Energia has offered its customers new “smart” systems for the remote management of devices. Together with the launch of the new products, in Spain continuous communications are undertaken to raise awareness about the efficient use of energy: for example, in the domestic sector new solutions have been developed to promote energy efficiency, such as “Nexus” and “Infoenergía” and various actions were completed to promote electric transport.

Also in Latin America the focus was on information-giving and the promotion of the efficient use of energy; in particular, in Brazil initiatives were put in place to replace old white goods, which had a significant impact on final consumption. In preparing the products dedicated to the mass market, Enel undertakes to prepare clear offers to meet a range of needs. A common line is adopted among the various countries where the company operates as a seller, since the offer of products is growing which provide “green” energy and which provide incentives for rational consumption.

In Italy the new offers on the free market made by Enel Energia are characterized not only by the supply solely of energy which is certified as coming from renewable sources, but also by increasing attention to social issues, such as protecting the weakest sections of the population (EnergiaX65, dedicated to customers aged over 65) and support for teaching in kindergartens and primary schools with donations through the Enel Cuore foundation for every new contract signed (EnergiaXOggi offer).


Italy – Enel Energia: EnelPremia 3.0

EnelPremia 3.0 is the new loyalty program which rewards sustainable conduct, such as recycling, energy saving and commitment to the community. Customers who join the program will accumulate energy points no longer on the basis of consumption, but on active and knowledgeable participation in the activities and initiatives in favor of the environment and the community, which will be launched periodically. The success of the first activity “Per fare un albero ci vuole ingegno” enabled 100 thousand registered customers to be reached in the first month of the launch. As well as receiving energy points and “green” prizes which are offered, the winners of the competition contributed to planting orange trees in Sicily, a project which over 4,700 customers asked to join.