Our values and behaviors

During 2015 the Group’s new strategic direction led to the redefinition of the values and forms of conduct for all the people who work at Enel, which was realized thanks to the involvement of the top management and more than 8 thousand people, at all levels, who contributed through interviews, workshops, focus groups and quick polls. 4 values (responsibility, trust, innovation and proaction) were identified and 10 forms of conduct which represent the new cultural identity of Enel and which inspire all the people who work in the company.

enel values


  1. Adopts and promotes safe conduct and acts proactively to improve the conditions of health, safety and wellbeing
  2. Takes decisions in their daily work and accepts responsibility for them
  3. Achieves results by aiming for excellence
  4. Proposes new solutions and does not give in when faced by obstacles or failure
  5. Quickly changes their priorities if the context changes
  6. Shares information and is collaborative and open to the contribution of others
  7. Recognizes the merits of colleagues and gives them feedback which improves their contribution
  8. In their work is careful to guarantee the satisfaction of customers and/or colleagues, acting effectively and quickly
  9. Is engaged in integrating everyone, recognizing and valorizing individual differences (culture, gender, age, disability, personality, etc.)
  10. Maintains the commitments they have taken on, taking forward activities with determination and passion