Listening and dialogue

In January 2015 the survey focused on the issues of diversity and inclusion was launched, through which information was also collected on the company climate, in order to monitor the satisfaction of colleagues. The survey was sent to a representative sample of 17,500 people (of whom 1,800 were disabled) or around 23% of all Enel staff. The global return was 55%.

The questionnaire analyzed the issues of inclusion, the perception of discrimination and work satisfaction, which stood at 73%.

Following this survey a global policy was defined on management of diversity in the company, the actions from which are ongoing (see the chapter “Sustainability Strategy and Plan”).

Finally, in 2016 a new climate and safety survey will be launched for all the Group’s employees.

Internal media


The Group’s internal communication makes use of an internal media system which is broadly based in order to reach all the people who work in Enel, taking account of cultural and professional differences, accessibility and IT resources. This network has represented an important lever for change and the dissemination of the new strategic concept of Open Power.

As for the dissemination of the strategy, on March 26, 2015 the global convention was held in Rome at which the Company set out the guidelines for its top managers. In 4 months 230 events (cascades) were organized worldwide involving over 50 thousand people and guaranteeing all colleagues standard information on the respective work environments and levels. A website in three languages dedicated to the project has kept colleagues constantly updated on events and contents: over 110 thousand pages visited in the 4 months. A survey – which had an overall return of around 60% of the participants – recorded a high satisfaction level in regard to the events.

An internal communication plan was defined dedicated to the key project for Global Infrastructure and Networks, Milan Expo 2015, with the aim of closely following all the stages of the works and participation, valorizing the work and the professional skills of the colleagues involved as direct witnesses of the development of the project and of all the stages related to it.

For Generation, 2015 was the year which saw the completion of major projects, such as the coming into operation of the El Quimbo hydroelectric power plant in Colombia and the new hi-tech dome of the Brindisi power plant. Events which celebrated the involvement and contribution of colleagues who worked on them to achieve the project goals. The internal media also followed and valorized important events and corporate campaigns, including the My Best Failure project, the occupational health and safety campaigns and the launch of the first global Cyber Risks campaign.

Among the key projects for Internal Communication in 2015 was confirmation of the eleventh edition of the We are Energy program, the international competition dedicated to the children of Enel colleagues, aged 8 to 17, which in 2015 took food as its theme, drawing on the Milan Expo of which Enel was an official partner. 5,228 children from 23 countries registered for the competition (an increase of 7.3% compared to 2014) and 123 winners from 18 countries took part in the international campus in Italy together with five youngsters aged over 17 from five countries under the “We are Tutor” program, the competition which acknowledges the previous winners of WAE, this time as tutors. Among the activities for the campus was the visit to the Milan Expo.

An important innovation this year was the production of the first collective film by the Enel families, Enel Family Food Film, on the theme of food generally, with 216 videos uploaded by Enel colleagues worldwide on a specific platform and four winners acknowledged at the Celebration Day of We are Energy in Rome.

After the success of the launch of the pilot project in Italy, the Home@Home program was extended worldwide. The project, which aims to give the possibility to colleagues worldwide to host and/or make available their home to other colleagues, had 708 offers from colleagues in the Group’s countries.

Last but not least, we should mention the recognition by the FEIEA Grand Prix Award 2015, the competition which recognizes the best internal communication projects in Europe, in which Enel’s Internal Communication earned second place in the category for Best Internal Communication Event with the Enel Family Day Project (2014 edition).

intranet Intranet: internal media hub - 3.3 million pages visited each month - 2,065 news items (almost 8 a day) [TODO:COLORARE_TESTO_IN_BLU]

Corporate TV

Corporate TV

1,105 videos produced, with 91,438 average views per month. 27 live events: conventions and meetings from Enel offices streamed generally in the three global Group languages (Italian, English, Spanish).

Enel radio

which integrates the other media facilitating the quick and live dissemination of news, thus stimulating interaction with colleagues. in Italy has a daily schedule mixing news/music for 225 days worth of programming.

Magazine E

Magazine E

bimonthly house-organ, which can also reach staff who do not have a PC. Average print run of 46,200 copies per edition in 7 languages. Around 18 thousand views every two months for the digital version.

Media one-to-one

Media one-to-one

such as e-postcards, newsletters, etc. to which may be added visual communication channels such as posters, flyers, etc.

Continuous Dialogue

Direct line with Francesco Starace


It is a blog prepared in the three global languages, where the CEO launches a theme for discussion and gives room over to the contribution and comments of colleagues, more than 400 in 2015.

The intranet is currently subject to a total overhaul which will make it a unique media and digital workplace for the whole population of Enel in 2016. The project, which started in July 2015, included an important stage of dialogue and analysis which involved around 65 thousand colleagues with an online survey in 9 languages which recorded 10,166 respondents; over 100 colleagues from 10 countries were interviewed at work, as well as 40 top managers interviewed together with their teams. This stage enabled expectations, needs, and priorities to be collected both from the viewpoint of users and from that of the organization, which were then translated into 10 strategic pillars on which the design of the intranet is based.

Voluntary work

The Enel Group has been engaged for many years in voluntary work in the various countries where it operates. In particular in 2015 in Spain new initiatives were launched, including the “Energía para el futuro” project with the aim of improving the employment prospects of young people at risk of exclusion and the “Voluntariado Energético” project.

The latter aims, with the collaboration of ECODES (Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo), to provide poor families with recommendations to optimize energy consumption and to encourage responsible energy consumption, as well as to identify and resolve situations of possible risk linked to electric systems. In Italy during the year a multifunctional work group was set up with the goal of analyzing and developing voluntary initiatives.

Enel then joined the Illuminiamo le Tavole program promoted by the Quartieri Tranquilli association of Milan, with the aim of offering food supplies to disadvantaged families identified through associations which manage “borough contracts” of the Municipality of Milan.