Our people

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Our people

Employees by geographic area

ore di formazione

Training hours per employee:
37.3 h/per-cap

piano pensionistico

People covered by a pension plan: 70,4%

anzianità media

Average length of service of people who left in the year: 24 years

Equal remuneration

Equal remuneration: “rewarding” female staff: 91,6%(8)


At December 31, 2015 the Enel Group had 67,914 employees, equally divided in companies based in Italy (49%) and abroad (51%). New hires in the year mainly (95%) occurred abroad, largely in Latin America (including the countries where Enel Green Power is present). On the other hand, as regards terminations, around 19% occurred in Italy, while the remaining 81% occurred abroad.

The percentage of women in the total workforce remained stable compared to 2014 (20%).

(8) Calculated as the ratio between the average salary of female Managers + Middle Managers and the average salary (men + women) of Managers + Middle Managers.