Safety in contract processes


Enel scrupulously follows its contractors from the selection process up to the completion of the contracted work activities. In 2015, the contractor selection process was modified introducing more stringent requirements regarding H&S performance. For contractors involved in high-risk activities there is also a pre-qualification audit.

Since 2015, the Vendor Rating system includes a global model to define and standardize the impact of significant accidents on the contractor’s Vendor Rating index.

In October 2015, the 5th edition of the Enel Group General Contracting Conditions (GCC) came into force, updating the list of H&S violations classified in three degrees of gravity, and revising the subcontracting guidelines, defining the circumstances in which subcontracting is allowed, the minimum safety requirements subcontractors must meet, and the safety obligations that both contractors and subcontractors shall fulfill.

In 2015, specific initiatives that involved contractors were organized, like “Contractor Safety Day”, i.e. workshops dedicated to contractors to share and promote improvement initiatives related to H&S topics.

Other specific initiatives involving contractors were promoted at local level, including the ones laid out in the table below.

Country/Business LineInitiatives which involved the contractors
Italy The contractors were involved in specific initiatives related to inspections and surveillance during the execution of works and raising awareness on the importance of being attentive to safety. In particular, activities to extend the model for contractor qualification and Vendor Rating were initiated, and inspection activities on construction sites have been implemented for the production units Enel.Si and Efficienza Energetica Mass Market. In addition, safety meetings were organized with contractors for raising awareness on safety.
Spain Partnerships were created with contractors in order to promote the culture of prevention, sharing best practice to guarantee optimal levels of health and safety for workers. The partnership “Alianzas” is an open relationship established among active partners, Endesa and companies, the strength of which lies in the different but complementary contributions which each brings to achieve the common goal of reducing the accident rate at work. In addition, the “Observaciones” continued which consist of observations of the conduct adopted by the employees of the contractors, in order to encourage the adoption of sound and safe conduct and correcting potentially at risk forms of conduct.
Romania Conjoint meetings were organized with the Enel and contractor employees involved in projects such as “Alerta” and “Noii Pasi”, both focused on occupational safety. The goal is to raise the awareness of contractors through a proactive approach during inspections that enables direct feedback and the possibility to discuss the issues emerged so all parties are aware of the risks and dangers linked to the various activities undertaken. In addition, in 2015 the Safety Coaching project was developed, with the aim of increasing awareness on safety among all contractors working with Enel, regardless of whether they have an active contract with the Group (for example, telecommunication companies). All the Enel training centers have been made available to contractors for the final test on Safety Coaching.
During the Safety Coaching sessions, the companies are given the opportunity to learn about the Group’s working methods and all Enel safety standards. During 2015, the results of the analyses of the accidents that occurred were shared with contractors with the purpose of avoiding their reoccurrence in the future and stimulating the involvement of contractors in the solutions adopted.
Latin America In 2015, 31 improvement plans were implemented in 5 countries to promote safety in contracting processes.
Enel Green Power On October 27, 2015, the “Stop Work Day” was organized at all Enel Green Power construction sites worldwide: at the beginning of the working day, colleagues stopped working for one hour, taking a moment to reflect on the issue of occupational safety. The purpose of the initiative is to draw the attention of all the people involved in work execution to the importance of working safely, adopting responsible behaviors and respecting work procedures.
The Enel Green Power “Safety & Environment in Procurement” project envisages the administration of a preliminary questionnaire to contractors who decide to take part in procurement tenders. The questionnaires are assessed by the Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Function, following additional interviews, and on the basis of a grid of assigned final scores, selects the contractors that are to be admitted to the economic evaluation of the tender offer. All of this information, coming from around the world, is archived in a centralized digital archive.

Besides the awareness-raising initiatives, in 2015, inspections and on-field controls of contractors amounted to over 350 thousand, with an increase of 32% in comparison with last year.

Extra Checking on Site (ECoS)

In 2015, conceived and developed by Enel Green Power, this control tool was extended to the entire Enel Group. The “Extra Checking on Site” tool has the scope of evaluating the adequacy of the organization, commitment and processes in a pre-determined operative area. These controls are performed by expert HSEQ personnel external to the operating unit subjected to the assessment, together with technical experts specific to the business and permit to identify areas for improvements and to define corrective actions that are subsequently properly monitored until completion.

In 2015 approximately 140 ECoS were completed in the operating units of the Group.