Safety of communities and of third parties


Enel plants are built in compliance with legal provisions and good practices and are equipped with health and safety management systems, with the aim of eliminating/minimizing risks both for workers and for communities. Plant, machinery and equipment are subject to systematic inspections and periodic maintenance in order to guarantee normal operation, in compliance with the law and in accordance with the highest standards.

In order to guarantee the health and safety of the community and reduce the impact of Company production activities on the external environment, periodic measurement campaigns are conducted in the Company to monitor indicators such as:

  • the level of the electromagnetic fields generated by electrical distribution plants;
  • the noise level generated by electrical machinery installed at production plants, substations and transformer centers.

These periodic measurement campaigns permit to keep risks under control and within the legal limits also for the communities in the areas where the Company operates.

The following environmental aspects are monitored: atmospheric emissions (polluting gases, greenhouse gases, particulates, vapors, aerosols); discharges to surface water; waste production, recycling, reuse and disposal; land contamination; physical agents (noise, vibrations, dust, etc.); impacts following accidents and emergencies; biological impacts and impacts on ecosystems (biodiversity, etc.).