Nuclear policy


The long-term prospects and the commitment to the safe management of nuclear activities are clearly expressed in the integrated policy which was adopted as from February 2012. This policy focuses not only on safe nuclear operations, but also on the integration of nuclear safety into all the corporate processes, stressing the importance and particular nature of being a nuclear operator. The policy confirms the commitment of top management to undertake all the activities in such a way that the operational nuclear units and the investment projects are managed and developed safely and with the protection of workers, the local populations and environment as the most important priority, as well as encouraging excellence in all stages of the process and going beyond simple respect of the law.

Checks on the safety of nuclear power plants, i.e. the stress tests which were arranged in Europe immediately following the Fukushima incident, seek to measure the size of safety margins at nuclear power plants given extreme external scenarios, such as earthquakes or flooding, and incidental scenarios, for example the lack of electricity or the lack of water for cooling, thus investigating the response of the plant should it be subject to unplanned operating conditions. The nuclear power plants have been carefully studied and the improvements identified are being implemented. These measures include, for example, the installation of new safety systems, the availability of mobile equipment powered by diesel generators that can be easily connected to the plant, and technologies to guarantee the continuity and availability of electric power in the case of a total blackout.

Besides this, in Spain, the Group, through Endesa, promotes interesting projects for its own power plants such as, for example, the nuclear program of the EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), whose goal is to improve the operating excellence of power plants, and the coordinated research program “PCI” which aims to analyze the safety of nuclear power plants (for more details see “Nuclear asset management” – www.,