Health in Enel

In October 2015, on the occasion of the appeal made by the World Health Organization for breast cancer prevention, a global company awareness campaign was launched. The campaign involved the participation of specialized physicians to conduct control visits and talks with women who have beaten cancer, the distribution of a pamphlet with useful advice, free screening sessions, and a tutorial video for breast self-examination. On the basis of global healthcare emergencies, information campaigns were launched to caution workers who travel in at risk countries.

With regard to health culture and work-life balance, in 2015, a Global People Care Assessment was conducted, examining the implementation of programs, projects and policies in Group countries on various topics,including those of wellbeing (see the chapter “Our people”). As a result of the various analyses, initiatives of excellence were identified for sharing with the entire Group.

Besides the global initiatives, specific health-oriented activities have been launched at local Country level as well, laid out in the table below.

Country/Business LineHealth
  • In 2015, the Assessment of Risks from Work Related Stress was updated for the Production Units of Infrastructure and Networks, Market, Enel Italia, Global Trading Italia and Enel SpA, and final survey documents signed by the specialists in-charge were delivered. Enel Produzione also launched the process for updating the assessment of the risk of occupational stress, and this will be concluded in 2016.
  • Workshop “Promotion of health and wellbeing”; courses on life-saving maneuvers, courses on the use of defibrillators.
  • Training sessions dedicated to personnel in Punti Enel (Enel Store) on aggression by clients: “Healthy Workplaces Campaign” organized by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), for which INAIL is the reference point in Italy.
Spain Various action plans have included initiatives on topics such as stress, discouraging smoking and the consumption of alcohol and drugs, musculo-skeletal conditions and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, anti-flu vaccines, “Entrénate” related to sedentary lifestyles and healthy diet, prevention of sports injuries not related to work activities, preventive diagnosis of tumors of the breast, prostate, and colon. In addition, courses on first aid were provided.
Russia During International H&S Week, in Enel Russia various issues were addressed regarding the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, in particular, the initiatives “Give up smoking” and “Vitamin Days” for Enel and contractor employees and the activities “Clean-up Days” and “Clear Desk contests” for Enel employees were implemented. An action plan was developed, aiming to align Russian power plants to the more stringent Enel Group standards for work in confined spaces.
Argentina Seminars and educational and informative programmes related to healthy eating were delivered in 2015. These educational activities were addressed to both Enel and contractor employees. In addition, a “stop-smoking course” was also delivered. There were also programmes for education on specific risks with the scope of prevention of occupational diseases.
Brazil Anti-smoking campaigns; vaccination campaigns; prevention campaigns related to breast and prostate cancer; “Pregnancy Health Program” for counseling and support of pregnant women.
Chile Awareness promotion on topics related to prevention and health. Educational training and informative programmes related to musculo-skeletal conditions and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Communication campaigns and programmes addressing awareness on psychosocial well-being, health, and life quality were implemented: programme for the analysis of psychosocial risks 2015, having the scope of understanding the risk factors in the organization and work conditions, and to assess the impact on the health of employees; vaccination campaign addressed to all employees; programme “Mujer Sana” for the prevention of breast and cervical cancer; programme “Gimnasia de Pausa”; programme for health surveillance extended to retired employees. In addition, there is a policy for action against alcohol and drug consumption, as well as a plan for preventive medical examinations.
Colombia Campaign with interviews on breast cancer prevention, distribution of informative pamphlets and educational material, preventive medical examinations and free specialized consultation sessions.
Peru As a part of the annual plan on health, there are periodical information and prevention campaigns related to the identification and timely treatment of diseases: educational sessions, distribution of pamphlets, medical exams and free specialized consultations. In particular, in 2015, programmes were implemented on the following subjects: stress prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles; prevention of cardiovascular diseases; ergonomics and prevention of musculo-sceletal conditions; breast cancer prevention. In addition, each employee was given a risk chart associated with his/her specific work activities and initiatives for the promotion of health and safety were organized for the International H&S Week and the World Day for Safety.
Enel Green Power There were various information and awareness promotion campaigns related to health topics: in all of the countries, first aid sessions were organized; in Brazil, there were informative sessions on the prevention of alcohol addiction and sexually transmitted diseases and campaigns for promoting blood donation and vaccinations; in Guatemala, there were first aid courses related to venomous animal bites; in Chile, there was a workshop on the topic of prevention of damage caused by UV rays and on the importance of an active lifestyle; in Greece, there was a session on skin cancer, while in the USA (Rocky Ridge), there was a highlight on the rules for executing work in the summer season, in conditions characterized by high temperatures. Initiatives for involving the families and the communities were also organized, such as: in Chile, a creative writing competition “Mi Trabajo Más Seguro” where employees were invited to send their stories on the topic of safety; in Greece, a workshop for families on the topic of bullying in schools; in the USA, an initiative with the involvement of families for the elaboration of an emergency plan (Ice cream event) and a series of meetings with employees’ families in the main plant locations for providing information on safety (“Family Education Day”).