Environmental criticalities


Besides the environmental disputes, Enel monitors so-called “environmental criticalities”: disputes and claims which subjects such as private citizens, committees, environmental organizations, and local administrators can bring against the operation, management or construction of Group installations (plant, grids, cabins, buildings, etc.). This category includes, in order of importance, administrative orders, legal notices, written protests (whether direct or through the press), and media campaigns. The criticalities are events which may also occur following the adoption of more rigorous and advanced prevention measures and the Group reserves particular attention to these, making its own staff available, whether for emergency response or at managerial level. In the case of criticalities, Enel acts openly and transparently, making available the information requested, in full respect of the parties involved. There were 578 environmental criticalities recorded in 2015, up compared to the previous year, largely in Argentina and Brazil, above all owing to an increase in complaints about distribution and, in particular, relating to high-voltage plants, since in this context impacts on the physical and natural environment and the economic impact are greater than seen with medium/ low-voltage plants.

Environmental criticalities at December 31, 2015 (%)

Environmental criticalities at December 31, 2015