Efficiency in energy consumption

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The Enel Group consumes energy to power its generation plant, through which it produces in its turn new energy which is distributed on the market. In 2015 there was a 6% increase in fuel energy consumption which went from around 45.7 m. toe in 2014 (1,914,247 TJ) to around 48.5 m. toe in 2015 (2,027,545 TJ) owing to higher thermoelectric production.

Fuel consumption by primary source (,000 TJ)

Fuel consumption by primary source

Consumption of fossil fuels for simple and combined thermoelectric production 2015 (%)

Consumption of fossil fuels for simple and combined thermoelectric production 2015

Fuel, largely of fossil origin, is used almost entirely as a source of energy for thermoelectric production. For Enel using energy efficiently means, on the one hand, maximizing the yield from the mix of sources (thermoelectric, nuclear and renewables) and, on the other, making the distribution grid more efficient to avoid significant quantities of energy being lost along power transmission lines. Enel’s strategy to reduce energy consumption, therefore, envisages investments to increase efficiency in all the Group’s activities, from production to distribution, and also aims at disseminating greater awareness on energy use.

In 2015 the main work to increase the efficiency of power generation capacity, in keeping with the previous years, concerned:

  • technical interventions: modernization of plant through the replacement of machinery and components with more efficient solutions, introduction of remote systems and remote monitoring to manage plant;
  • process streamlining through maximizing plant efficiency;
  • implementation of operational excellence programs, improvement in the distribution of the production load by using the most efficient units, optimization of cooling systems.

Here below are the most important initiatives with an indication of the country and the type of intervention.

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CountryType of interventionDescription of intervention
EuropeItaly Electricity grid Use of the Telegestore system combined with smart meters which led to greater effectiveness in controls over energy balances, at the same time facilitating a reduction in fraud.
Market Expanded range of solutions for “key in hand”energy efficiency with high performance, energy efficient products.
Romania Electricity grid The smart metering pilot project has been developed which will allow the optimization of distribution. 30,000 meters of cabling have been installed.
Communication A “Green guide” has been published on the website with detailed suggestions on energy efficiency.
Russia Thermoelectric production Konakovskaya: saving of 9,117.6 GJ due to retrofitting of unit 3 and replacement of old piping and insulation and coverings of the boiler and turbine; Nevinnomysskaya: saving of 11,844.4 GJ due to retrofitting of units 7 and 8 and replacement of old piping and insulation and covering of the boiler and turbine.
Reftinskaya: saving of 28,574.9 GJ due to repair of boilers of group 7, including the replacement of heat exchange surfaces and the replacement of the power generator and 27,021.6 GJ due to the repair of the boiler of unit 4, including the replacement of heating surfaces and the monitoring of the new cleaning system.
Slovakia Photovoltaic Electricity savings due to self-consumption thanks to the production from photovoltaic plants for a total of 26,182 GJ.
Thermoelectric production The Vojany and Nováky plants operate in a co-firing regime with biomass which enables an associated fossil fuel saving of around 428 thousand GJ and around 120 thousand GJ respectively for Vojany and Nováky.
Spain Thermoelectric production Savings for a total of 16,219 GJ mainly due to the interconnections of the cooling systems of the combined cycle plant at Besós.
Electricity grid Savings for a total of 6,855 GJ due to: a) review and adjustment of all air-conditioning and lighting programs and procedures; b) rational use of space; c) changes in the MV/HV grids in order to reduce losses.
Latin AmericaBrazil Innovation Research and development projects underway to implement energy efficiency projects such as “Smart city Búzios”, “The house of the future” and “Micro smart grid”.
Colombia Electricity grid 1,674 devices installed which enable the grid to operate more efficiently and to discover service problems quicker.
Chile Electricity grid Plan to replace 50 thousand meters with other new generation meters.
Peru Electricity grid Three initiatives are being developed to implement the smart grid: a) remote management of the MV grid; b) remote management of public lighting with LEDs; c) smart grid.