Sustainability of our main partners

The application of a digital strategy combined with a service model inevitably requires the construction of a new relationship with suppliers. Third parties are no longer simply executors of tasks or suppliers of technologies, but can positively influence both the innovation process and digital transformation. Together with its suppliers, Enel builds an ecosystem of partners to develop increasingly sustainable end-to-end solutions.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cloud services

Amazon Web ServiceThe need to implement a strategy targeted at guaranteeing solid and resilient infrastructure has led Enel ICT to adopt solutions based on cloud technology through an agreement made with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in June 2015.

AWS started around 10 years ago from the Information Technology experience of, quickly developing over time and now managing more than one million customers in 190 countries.

Sustainability is at the heart of the AWS strategy, which has among its long-term objectives that of using power systems entirely based on renewables. This has led it to invest in initiatives in wind and solar: the renewable energy generated by the 4 centers worldwide will produce around 1.6 million MW at full operation. Also these factors influenced Enel ICT in making its decision to entrust AWS with the exercise of applications at the green data centers, with the aim of obtaining positive returns not only from the viewpoint of reliability and security in the supply of services, but also from the viewpoint of environmental impacts.

The alliance with Atos to manage a new service model

AtosEquipping Enel staff with flexible, collaborative safe and, at the same time, valuable working instruments is one of the pillars of the ICT strategy. Thanks to the partnership with Atos it is now possible to provide an “End User” service aligned with the precepts of Sustainability to the benefit of almost all Enel staff worldwide.

A sustainable management model for distributed services which affects the whole value chain, from supply, to access infrastructure, such as the Help Desk up to onsite support and which leverages innovative technologies aimed at reducing energy consumption.

Sustainability and innovation are at the heart of the strategy and the daily business decisions of Atos which is among the companies most engaged in pursuing responsible, lasting growth. A leader in digital services with annual income of around 12 billion euro and 100 thousand employees in 72 countries, Atos has made agreements with numerous companies offering IT solutions which help the companies become “more sustainable”.