The heart of solidarity


Enel contributes to the social development of the local areas where it operates also through its own foundations: Enel Cuore Onlus in Italy, Fundación Endesa and Fundación Sevillana Endesa in Spain, Fundación Pehuén and Fundación San Ignacio del Huinay in Chile, Fundación Endesa Colombia in Colombia.

Enel Cuore Onlus (Italy)

Enel Cuore Onlus was created in 2003, reflecting Enel’s wish to transparently express its commitment to social solidarity, a form of support for communities which is not only philanthropic but is part of a broader concept of the corporate social role which inspires Enel. During 2015 Enel Cuore Onlus supported a total of 50 social solidarity projects in Italy, making an overall contribution of around 3.8 million euro, focusing on the two segments of the population worst affected by the economic crisis: children and the elderly.

Children’s health and education is a priority not only for Italian children but also for those who live in particularly difficult circumstances owing to natural disasters or wars which have hit their country. Hence the choice to come to the aid also of some international organizations, above all Save the Children, which brought humanitarian aid to the children and mothers affected by the Nepal earthquake and then alongside the UNHCR by contributing to the realization of an important aid and support project for Syrian children and their families who have been experiencing the horror of war for more than three years.

The Enel Group’s ongoing relationships and profound knowledge of the local area have also enabled it, through the initiative “Nel Cuore del Punto Enel”, to provide targeted and concrete responses to the specific needs and requirements from the numerous local situations. The initiative, which involves the employees of Enel’s retail outlets, envisages the supply of a contribution to support each solidarity project which is put forward by non-profit organizations and which has been identified by employees of the Enel outlets in the country.