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Patrizia Grieco e Francesco Starace

Dear Stakeholders,
the world of energy is changing very quickly: technology, the market, operators. The main global trends see growth in the world’s population from 7 to 8 billion people over the next ten years, as well as a rise in life expectancy, and a shift in population towards cities. The emerging economies are taking on an increasingly important role in the international panorama and new technologies are spreading far and wide. Global energy demand is destined to grow, in a scenario of increasingly limited natural resources and the need to combat ongoing climate change.

The traditional models are therefore changing quickly and with them the role and responsibilities of companies must also change.

On September 25, 2015, the United Nations definitively adopted the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. An invitation to companies to provide their own contribution – also through their ability to innovate – to address the challenges of sustainable development, such as poverty, the right to education, access to work, gender equality, the universal supply of water, access to energy and climate change. On that occasion Enel announced specific commitments to contribute to achieving four of the 17 goals. In particular, in committing to guarantee access to energy, to support educational projects, to promote employment and inclusive, sustainable and lasting economic growth and to combat climate change. Enel also confirmed its own goal of reducing CO2 emissions and becoming carbon neutral by 2050: a goal known as a “Science Based Target” since it is aligned with the global climate goals. By way of demonstration of its commitment to sustainable development, Enel immediately integrated these goals into its strategy and into its processes for Sustainability reporting, bringing it into line with the latest international standards.

2015 was also the year of the twenty-fifth United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) which, through the agreement signed by 195 countries in Paris, establishes a new era for global climate action and promotes a zero-emission economy. On that occasion Enel promoted numerous initiatives to support the agreement, acknowledging the combating of climate change among its responsibilities as a large global energy company.

In this complex and changing scenario, Enel’s business is increasingly opening up to a new way of thinking about energy, which is more accessible, more innovative and based on collaboration with the communities where it operates. A commitment recognized also internationally, which has allowed Enel to be ranked fifth, the only Italian company and the only utility, in Fortune Global’s list of 50 companies that are changing the world: a challenge and a great responsibility towards its shareholders, stakeholders and, above all, towards future generations.

Sustainability is one of the pillars supporting the model of the present (and above all of the future) of electric energy for Enel. Sustainability integrated into the business model along the whole value chain, interpreting and translating the Group’s strategy into concrete actions, through a detailed, ambitious and agreed plan, and regular communication of the key information both inside and outside the company, which increases the ability to attract long-term and socially responsible investors (SRI). The essential point in this approach is the realization, measurement and reporting of the ESG (environmental, social and governance) Sustainability indicators within the whole value chain, not only for ex post assessment, but above all to take decisions earlier and to reinforce a proactive and not reactive approach.

This new approach underpins the Group’s new strategic vision: “Open Power”, which is made tangible and clear also through the new logo which visually represents the new Enel we are building.

In 2015 Enel, with over 600 projects and initiatives in the various countries where it is present, made a concrete contribution to the development and social and economic growth of the territories, from expansion of infrastructure to educational and training campaigns, from initiatives for social inclusion to projects to support cultural and economic life. In order to intercept, develop and create value from the best available solutions, Enel applies an “Open Innovation” approach, in the awareness that, in order to create more value and to compete better on the market, it is important to create an integrated and inclusive system that can engage internal resources, but also other companies, start-ups, and universities. With this approach in 2015 numerous partnerships were made with leading companies and 13 collaborations were initiated with start-ups.

A new attitude also internally, through listening to new ideas and stimulating approaches from people who work at the company, and creating value from talented staff and diversity. Through a very broad and shared process in all the areas where the Group operates, the underlying values and conduct of the Enel Group have been defined: innovation, trust, responsibility and being proactive. We have maintained our commitment in the “Diversity and Inclusion” project by involving people in various countries around the world through online surveys and focus groups and establishing a global policy as well as specific local initiatives, in order to respond in an increasingly focused way to the needs that have emerged in different situations.

Framing the whole process there are the principles of ethics, transparency, anti-corruption, respect of human rights and protecting safety, which have always been features of Enel’s way of working and which are reflected in policies and conduct criteria which apply to the whole Group. Enel considers the health, safety and mental and physical wellbeing of people as the most precious asset that must be safeguarded at all times, at work as at home and in people’s free time, and is committed to developing and promoting a solid safety culture worldwide. And so it is positioned for change and openness, focusing on investments for growth, in particular on grids and renewables, on an increasingly distributed and shared energy system, and on technological innovation and, therefore, on Sustainability: because in our idea of energy one cannot exist without the other.



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Patrizia Grieco

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Chief Executive Officer and
General Manager
Francesco Starace

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