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Enel in the media

Enel constantly monitors the perception of the Group in the press, radio, TV and online, locally, nationally and internationally, in both the general and specialist media. Enel’s attitude in dealings with the press has always been open and positive; a fact widely acknowledged by journalists. According to the study undertaken by Eikon, which analyzes Enel’s presence in the media, in Italy Enel’s visibility in 2015 increased compared to the previous year in both quantitative and qualitative terms.

Among the aspects which were most commonly covered by the Italian and international media were Enel’s participation in Expo 2015 in Milan as the official lighting partner with its own pavilion, the presentation of the plan and its subsequent updating, the project for the development of broadband, the integration of Enel Green Power and its expansion.

From the viewpoint of the Italian media, considerable importance was attached to Futur-E, the project for the reconversion of 22 thermoelectric plants in Italy. Importance was also placed on the “Fare Scuola” project of Enel Cuore Onlus and Enel’s commitment to promote art by becoming the first private founding partner in MAXXI – the National Museum of the 21st Century Arts. Note should also be taken of the interest in the award of the tender for the realization of a solar plant in Brazil which made Enel Green Power the biggest player in the solar energy sector in the country and the agreement with F2i for the creation of a joint venture in the photovoltaic sector in Italy. There were also positive articles on developments in electric transport, smart grids, public LED lighting systems and the opening of new Enel retail outlets.

As for the international media, there was great interest in the meeting between the Enel CEO and the Executive Director of Greenpeace International Kumi Naidoo, which was held in March and which provided the opportunity to focus on the Group’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Throughout 2015 the international media took great interest in Enel’s work in renewables, in particular its entry into new markets such as India, and the consolidation in Latin America, South Africa and the United States, with confirmation of the Group’s leadership in the geothermal field, as shown for example by the start of works to build the first geothermal plant in South America, at Cerro Pabellón, in Chile. Another Enel business sector which has been covered in the foreign media was its commitment to innovation, especially the development of new technologies, such as for example hybrid, storage and mini-grid systems, and the Group’s initiatives to support startups (INCENSe, Enel’s adhesion to Startup Europe Partnership).

In addition, the Italian press focused on financial aspects and in particular on the performance of Enel and Enel Green Power’s shares on the stock market, and the results which were penalized by the fall in consumption in Italy and Spain. As for customer relationships, in Italy there was coverage of some disputes over the service quality, scams by phony operators, excessive billing and blackouts linked to weather conditions. The international media followed the progress of Enel’s disposal plan very closely: in particular, the sale of the stake in the Slovak company Slovenské elektrárne, for which the signing of the agreement with the Czech company EPH was announced, and the related issues regarding mainly the completion of units 3 and 4 of the nuclear power plant at Mochovce and the termination of the concession for the hydroelectric plant at Gabcˇíkovo. The international media also paid constant attention to the process of reorganizing the activities in Latin America, a critical issue above all with the Chilean press owing to the opposition of some minority shareholders who disagree with various points of the operation. Another important issue in Chile was, in June, the alleged involvement of the then Chairman of Enersis, Jorge Rosenblut, in a case of financing of political parties, which was followed by his resignation. In Colombia, the completion and start-up of the hydroelectric plant at El Quimbo received extensive coverage in national and local media: in October a presidential decree authorized the start of operations at the plant which took place in November; in December the Constitutional Court declared the decree inapplicable and requested suspension of operations, a decision which was immediately challenged before the administrative court by the Ministry of Energy and which in January 2016 authorized the temporary restart of operations pending the final decision of the court. In Spain the main critical issues nationally were the introduction of the hourly tariff for the invoicing of regulated customers and the assistance plan for national coal used by power plants, as well as the debate on the case for reopening the nuclear power plant at Garoña.

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In 2015 Enel started a partnership with “The Guardian”, to promote and enhance the international debate on the energy sector and access to energy, to include innovation, sustainability, and combating climate change.

Brand Equity

In 2015 Enel decided for the first time to undertake research into its brand equity and the image of its brands worldwide, with the aim of deepening its understanding and knowledge of consumers. The study was conducted in eight of the main countries where the Group operates, with the sample including both monopolies and free markets and considering both residential customers and major customers. The Enel and Endesa brands, respectively in Italy and Spain, are almost universally recognized, with percentages over 96%, and are market leaders also in terms of attraction and competitiveness. On the basis of these parameters also Chilectra (Chile), Coelce (Fortaleza - Brazil) and Codensa (Colombia) are markedly ahead of comparable company brands.

Overall, the brands included in the analysis have a fairly coherent image profile, they are seen as leading brands, characterized by their competence, accessibility and good reputation. However, the analysis clearly shows the room for improvement on transparency, the ability to face global challenges and the perception of customer-focus. The specific focus on the image factors connected to sustainability and innovation shows that, on the whole, the brands are perceived as leaders in this field and as careful towards the environment. In addition, in all the markets covered by the study, many customers state that they would be willing to pay a higher tariff for energy produced from renewable sources, while the interest in self-generating energy is high, above all in Latin America, in particular among consumers in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

Premi e riconoscimenti  Prizes and awards

Group – Enel received the prestigious “Silver Class” award for sustainability in the Sustainability Yearbook 2016 of RobecoSAM.

The Group also took part in the International Business Awards organized by the company Stevie Awards, winning the “Gold Stevie Award” in the category for “Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year in Europe” and the “Silver Stevie Award” in the category for “Energy company of the year”.

Enel was also nominated as one of the 6 finalists in the “Sustainability Report” category at the European Excellence Awards 2015, an important award in the communication sector.

Brazil – Coelce won the Abradee 2015 Prize as the best energy distribution company in Brazil. In addition, Coelce and Ampla were among the four best companies for Operating Quality.

Colombia – Emgesa was recognized by the British magazine World Finance as the Colombian company with the best “Corporate Governance” for 2015.

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Fortune classified Enel fifth, the only Italian company, among the top 50 companies which are helping change the world: a challenge and great responsibility towards shareholders, stakeholders and above all towards future generations.

Enel was included by the magazine Bloomberg Businessweek in the list of the 50 global companies to be watched in 2016. The magazine appreciated the increase in the Group’s investments in high-growth markets. Enel is the only Italian company and the only electricity utility in the list.