Open to change

Openness to the outside world, to technology and internally among our people, this is the strategic concept of “Open Power”, which was announced in November 2015 in London on Enel Capital Markets Day. In order to create a common culture among all the different parts of the Group a vision has been defined, a mission to 2025 expressed in five points, four values which represent Enel’s DNA and ten forms of conduct which all the people who work at the company must draw on (see the chapter “Our people”).



Open Power per aiutare a risolvere alcune delle più grandi sfide del nostro mondo.


  1. Let’s open access to energy to more people
    We will use and increase our size in order to reach and connect more people to safe and sustainable energy, especially in South America and Africa.
  2. Let’s open the world of energy up to new technologies
    We will guide the development and application of new technologies and distribute energy in a more sustainable way, in particular through renewable sources and smart grids.
  3. Let’s be open to new ways of managing energy for people
    We will develop new ways to meet the real needs of people, to help them use and manage energy more efficiently, especially through smart meters and digitalization.
  4. Let’s be open to new uses of energy
    We will develop new services to use energy in order to face global challenges with a particular emphasis on connectivity and electric transport.
  5. Let’s be open to new partnerships
    We will join a network of partners in research, technology, developing new products and marketing, in order to develop new solutions together.

Presentazione Logo

Struttura nuovo logo enelStruttura logo

New era, New logo

A global energy leader must be up to date, above all at times of great change. For this reason the protagonists of our new identity are “cursors”. Cursors are rectangular elements which symbolize energy and recall the filament which is the starting-point of light. Above all, cursors represent innovation, ideas and the search for collaborative opportunities.