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Enel operates in over 30 countries with 1.9 million kilometers of power lines on four continents, with installed net capacity of over 90 GW.

Enel nel mondo

Energy generation

Enel produces energy through a balanced mix of sources, in which a leading role is played by renewable sources (hydroelectric, wind, geo-thermoelectric, biomass, photovoltaic, etc.) and where fossil sources are diversified across natural gas, coal and oil.

Generazione energia


Group distribution companies transport electricity in Italy, Romania, the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America on 1,865,671 km of power lines across two continents.


Electricity and gas market

The Group sales companies operate both on the regulated market, with controlled prices, and on the free market, satisfying all the needs of the Group’s 60,954,443 customers (55,996,359 of whom are on the electricity market and 4,958,084 on the gas market).

Mercato elettrico e gas

Upstream gas

The exploration of and production from gas fields are currently focused on the development of the projects in the portfolio and on the search for new opportunities which can contribute to providing gas in the medium/long term to Enel power plants. In particular during 2015 Enel continued its commitment to projects in Algeria (the South East Illizi project, the Isarene project, the Msari Akabli project).

Upstream gas

Enel Open Fiber (EOF)

In December 2015 Enel set up Enel Open Fiber to realize and manage ultra-broadband optical fiber infrastructure across Italy. On March 23, 2016 the company presented its strategic plan in line with the European Digital Agenda and the Italian Ultra-broadband Strategy. EOF will operate solely on the wholesale market, building the infrastructure for other authorized operators. The plan envisages that EOF builds, in several steps to be released in sequence, the optical fiber telecommunications network in 224 Italian municipalities in successful market areas (known as clusters A and B).

Main organizational changes


  • Full integration of Enel Green Power within the Group being finalized.
  • Corporate reorganization of the activities in Latin America continues.
  • Agreement signed in December 2015 with EP Slovakia BV (“EP Slovakia”) a subsidiary of Energetický a pru°myslový holding, a.s. (“EPH”) for the sale of the stake held by Enel Produzione in Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. (“Slovenské elektrárne”), equal to 66% of the latter’s share capital.

Enel worldwide

Enel worldwide

Enel worldwide

Enel worldwide