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In 2015 Enel, with over 600 projects and initiatives in the various countries where it is present, made a concrete contribution to the development and social and economic growth of the territories, from expansion of infrastructure to educational and training campaigns, from initiatives for social inclusion to projects to support cultural and economic life.

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A sustainable year

Enel signs the WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PRINCIPLES (WEP), the initiative promoted by the UN Global Compact and UN Women, which seeks to promote gender equality by calling on companies to apply seven principles on the promotion of women in business.

Meeting of the senior management of Enel and Greenpeace. A joint press release sets out the convergence in views on the future of the energy sector and the intention to work together constructively and in a spirit of collaboration on common areas for the development of economic, social, and environmental interests with a view to advanced and global sustainability.

Enel Green Power and Tesla finalize an agreement to test the integration of Tesla’s stationary energy storage systems with Enel Green Power’s solar and wind plants. The deal aims to increase output from Enel Green Power facilities and supply advanced services for a better overall integration of renewables into the grid.

Enel completes the program of the UN Global Compact LEAD dedicated to the Board of Directors of Enel SpA, with the aim of facilitating dialogue on the importance of integrating sustainability into corporate strategic choices.
Enel is one of the six companies worldwide to have actively taken part, since 2014, in the pilot stage of this program.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations appoints the Enel Chief Executive Officer to the Board of Directors of the United Nations Global Compact.
The appointment will last 3 years.

The Enel Chief Executive Officer takes part in New York in the UN Sustainable Development Summit 2015, at which new sustainable development goals (SDG) are announced for the next 15 years. Enel establishes specific commitments to achieve four of the 17 goals.

The Enel Chief Executive Officer is one of the first signatories of the UN “Sustainable Stock Exchanges” campaign which invites stock exchanges around the world to promote sustainable business practices in regard to issuers on the respective financial markets. With the intention of continuing the dialogue with “sustainable investors”, Enel also takes part in the final UN “Principles for Responsible Investment” conference in London.

Enel, as the global partner of the Sustainability Disclosures 2025 project, plays host to the GRI Forum meeting, an international invitation-only event at which the first analysis “Sustainability and Reporting Trends in 2025” is presented relating to the main sustainability trends and reporting over the next ten years. The event is an opportunity for debate among leaders in the sector on key issues which companies must address in order to move towards a wholly sustainable economy.

Enel takes part in the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative 2015. Enel is invited by the Foundation to make a commitment to two initiatives, in Africa (partnership between Enel Green Power and Barefoot) and in Peru. The projects have been selected, the Clinton Foundation writes, as an exemplary approach in addressing critical global challenges and will become part of the portfolio of innovative projects supported by the Foundation, which over 430 million people in more than 180 countries have already benefitted from.

The Enel Group presents the financial community with its strategic plan 2016-2019, updating the plan presented in March. The strategy continues to focus on increasing returns for shareholders, leveraging the Group’s global presence, on geographical diversification and on Enel’s leadership in all technologies, increasing the growth investments in renewables and networks. In addition, Enel’s main commitments are set out to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Enel Chief Executive Officer is one of the first signatories of the European Pact for Youth, designed to promote partnerships between companies and the education system for the inclusion and job placement of young Europeans.

Coinciding with the Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21), Enel’s new commitments to reduce its CO2 emissions to 2020 and the route to carbon neutrality in 2050 are certified as “science based targets” (i.e. in line with the request of the scientific community) by a working group consisting of the Carbon Disclosure Project, UN-Global Compact, WWF, and the World Resource Institute. Enel is one of the first 12 companies in the world to obtain such recognition.

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The materiality matrix 2015

LOW PRIORITY OF CORPORATE STRATEGIES HIGH LOW PRIORITY FOR ACTION ATTRIBUTED BY STAKEHOLDERS HIGH SOCIAL ISSUES Occupational health and safety Responsible relationships with communities in operations Support and development of local communities Sustainability in the supplu chain Management, development and motivation of people Climate change strategy Responsible use of water resources Mitigation of environmental impacts Biodiversity and protection of natual capital ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES Creation of economic/financial value Sound governance Innovation and operational efficiency Quality in relationship with customers Renewable energy Energy efficiency and services Traditional technologies Transparent conduct BUSINESS AND GOVERNANCE ISSUES




Main Innovation projects


Enel Green Power continued in 2015 too with the realization of projects which were started in previous years and launched new, highly innovative projects by focusing on:

  1. improvement in the performance of technologies;
  2. development of renewables in urban contexts, through the use of smaller plant with a limited visual impact, such as cutting-edge wind generators and small thermodynamic solar systems, which are better integrated from the architectural viewpoint;
  3. use of new renewables, which are currently not exploited, with a particular focus on sea energy and highaltitude wind.
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Energy storage

As well as continuing with the installation of energy storage systems on wind power plants, Enel decided to focus on residential energy storage. Partnership agreements were signed with leading companies in the sector, with the aim of developing integrated energy storage and photovoltaic systems, testing them on the market and, subsequently, selling them in countries with a high business potential, starting from South Africa. Residential energy storage systems allow consumers to store their self-produced energy, for example through photovoltaic systems, in batteries to use it subsequently to power their home should this not be connected to the grid or in the event of a power blackout.

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Electric transport infrastructure

Electric transport represents an increasingly important sector to be developed, above all for its numerous benefits such as reduced carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution as well as the possibility of using the vehicles, through their batteries, as distributed energy storage systems. Over the past year, Enel has intensified its commitment to electric transport by developing numerous projects, including the alliance signed with Nissan, but also “Zem2All” (Zero Emissions Mobility to all), which introduced a fleet of 200 electric vehicles in Malaga and the development of the necessary recharging infrastructure, and the “Electric transport in Santiago del Cile” program, for the realization of recharging infrastructure in collaboration with the public authorities in order to promote electric technology and the development of ambitious business models in the public transport sector.

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Grid services

Enel has always been committed to numerous initiatives aimed at innovating energy distribution mechanisms in order to constantly improve grid efficiency. Through the collaboration with the start-up Athonet Smartgrid, which has developed a system capable of creating a high-speed, low-latency private data network, Enel can provide telecommunications coverage to plants located in areas that are not served by other operators and to manage confidential data. This system has already been applied to some generation plants, such as the Federico II plant in Brindisi. This solution generates considerable positive externalities because in addition to serving Enel’s plants, it serves their surrounding areas.

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Innovation in the final uses of energy and energy efficiency

Expo 2015 represented for Enel an important moment in realizing a cutting-edge smart city. Among the most important experiences was certainly the realization of a solution for energy efficiency in the pavilions. In particular, through the EMS (Energy Management System) platform it was possible to control loads, distributed generation sources and storage systems, and, then, optimize energy flows on the basis of the specific needs of the end user.

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Conventional power generation

Innovation in conventional power generation aims to improve the performance, efficiency and operational flexibility of plants and reduce their emissions and environmental impact, by evaluating and developing new technologies and available systems.
In keeping with previous years, work continued to characterize emissions of macro- and micro-pollutants on high-efficiency exhaust-treatment systems in Enel plants. Among other things, campaigns were undertaken to measure and test the containment of SO2 emissions.

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